XXI – MARCH 20, 2011 | 7PM

March 20, 2011 at 7PM at the Dorsch Gallery at 151 Northwest 24th Street, Miami, FL 33127-4413.


1. El MuCo: Improvised Feedback Systems I

In this program here we work with custom designed electronic instruments, digital signal processing, and feedback systems. We have designed a digital modular system to allow maximal configuration/reconfiguration in real-time. The system is quasi-deterministic and semi-autonomous, into which we place sounds, both analog and digital. These sounds are the basis of an evolving, complex, self-sustaining sonic texture with a high degree of complexity, unpredictability, and internal life.

About El MuCo: El MuCo is the performing name of Brian Kane and Scott Petersen. The duo is dedicated to the production and performance of new electronic music, the creation of new musical interfaces, and collaborative improvisation. El MuCo actively seeks composers and performers throughout the greater NYC area with which to perform.

2. UOM: Gyroscopic

UOM seeks to emulate, in the realm of sound, the properties of a Gyroscope, proposing a seemingly random series of patterns and movements that, nevertheless, allow the conservation of a stable core. The core is the guiding principle that permeates every aspect of collective improvisation. Through the exploration of current and vintage technologies, UOM seeks the inner sanctum of sound art: the majesty of a gesture that cannot be repeated, an experience that is at once unforeseeable and inevitable.

About the UOM: The UOM is a multi-disciplinary project where the focus is non-traditional instruments and performance technique. The UOMs make music with handmade bells (made of slice gas tanks), sheet metal, copper pipes, all sorts of percussion, cello, heavily processed electric guitar, bass, melodica, whistles, toy instruments, harmoniums, typewriters, synths, , etc… “UOM” stands for Unheard Of Music, but also happens to be an acronym for “Union Obrera Metalurgica”, the steel workers’ union in Argentina, which has always been at the center of heated political discussion….

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