XXI – MARCH 18 + 19, 2011 | 8PM

XXI Subtropics Experimental Biennial of Music & Sound Arts will close back in Wynwood at Inkub8 (2021 NW 1st Place) on March 18 and 19, 2011 beginning at 8PM with a collaborative dance presentation of Looking Back and other work by Miami dancer-choreographer Carlota Pradera.  For tickets & information
please contact: Carlota Pradera, (786) 208 8690 or cpcmiami@gmail.com

General Admission:

Use the word tickets in the subject line for email or voice message


Pradera & Collaborators will be presenting an evening of multidisciplinary work.
The evening will open with “Looking Back”, a dance-theatre piece consisting with the strong ensemble of artists Glexis Novoa (visuals), Gustavo Matamoros (sound), Ilana Reynolds (performer), and Carlota Pradera (performer & choreographer).

Performers Ilana Reynolds and Carlota Pradera embark in a journey of intense emotions and displaced realities where the essence relies on gaining spiritual growth by learning to let go instead of holding on.

The second half of the evening will close with “Think Like a Guy”, a performance and conceptual collaboration of Priscilla Marrero and Carlota Pradera joined by the visual expertise of artist Glexis Novoa. “Think like a Guy” explores the social perceptions that objectify and exploit women in Latino and American cultures. Through personal stories, spicy humor, overpowering sexual connotations and provocative characters, this choreography is in search of love and acceptance.

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