ST22 | ABBEY RADER: Noble Truths


MAR.13 | Wednesday

ABBEY RADER: Noble Truths
Audiotheque | Studio 201
924 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach
in collaboration Spectacular Sound


Abbey Rader continues his lifelong quest to reach higher levels of conscience and improvisation in his latest project – “Noble Truths”. The Four Noble Truths explain the nature of suffering and are central teachings of Buddhism. They are: “Suffering,” “Attachment & Desire,” “The End of Suffering” and “The Path Out of Suffering.” Abbey challenges himself and his band mates to interpret each truth spontaneously. The musicians must first look inside their own minds, become familiar with how these truths affect them internally, and then play what they feel as well as react to the other improvisers.


Abbey Rader is a musician and composer who has dedicated his life to playing improvised music as part of a spiritual quest for deeper meaning. He is heavily influenced by his study of Buddhism under the tutelage of the Master Sheng Yen, beginning in 1975 at the Ch’an Center in Queens, New York. His career spans over four decades with a discography that includes 25 albums, the majority under his leadership. He lived in Europe in the late 70s and 80s where he performed with John Handy, Dr. L. Subramaniam, Gunter Hampel, Jeanne Lee, Marion Brown, Mal Waldron, and had his own band, The Right Time. He was a clinician for Sonor drums for many years and taught jazz drum set studies at several universities in Germany. Since returning to America, he has performed and recorded with Dave Liebman, Billy Bang, Frank Lowe, Ed Schuller and many others. His new quartet featuring John McMinn, Noah Brandmark and Kyle Motl recently released the album Live at PAX.

“THE most Dynamic Modern Jazz Ensemble in South Florida.”
– Steve Malagodi, The Modern School