ST22 | PANEL DISCUSSION: Sound Art and Public Space


MAR. 01 | 8PM
Project 924 | Space 200, 924 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Moderator: Gustavo Matamoros


david dunn photoDavid Dunn is a composer who primarily engages in site-specific interactions or research-oriented activities. Much of his current work is focused upon the development of listening strategies and technologies for environmental sound monitoring in both aesthetic and scientific contexts. He has investigated, among other things, the interrelationship between music and language and the ultrasonic world beyond human hearing. Underlying all his work is a common regard for music as a communicative source with a living world.

20111105 FM | PLAZA - r frehling - LO - DSC_0072 WEBRussell Frehling‘s work continues to develop from his concern with the direct and real-time experience of sounds on their own terms, as unique physical entities occupying space as well as time. He has lately concentrated on large scale sound installations for a variety of architectural and natural settings.

11-11-05-CH RECHERCharles Recher is a US-American installation artist and filmmaker who lives and works in Miami Beach, Florida. Recher has created in excess of one hundred films and videos. His work runs the gamut from the film “Kwagh-hir (Thing of Magic),” a documentary of the theater tradition of the Tiv people of Nigeria, to “Cars & Fish,” Miami Performing Arts Center’s inaugural video installation, which cast 600-foot long swirling images onto adjacent building façades during Art Basel/Miami Beach in 2005.

Gustavo Matamoros is a Venezuelan composer, interdisciplinary artist, community organizer and educator who has established his residence in Miami, since 1979. His work springs from an interest in the nature of sound as audible description of a dynamic, ever-changing world.

Part of … SUBTROPICS SYMPOSIUM: Redrawing The Acoustical Public Space