in partnership with Inlets Foundation for Experimental Practices
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A Lecture-Performance by Manfred Werder

FRI.FEB.02.2018 | 9PM

924 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach 33139
located at ArtCenter South Florida on
the south side of Lincoln Road – parking in the back

Among living beings, only man has language. The voice is the sign of pain and pleasure, and this is why it belongs to other living beings (since their nature has developed to the point of having the sensations of pain and pleasure and of signifying the two). But language is for manifesting the fitting and the unfitting and the just and the unjust. To have the sensation of the good and the bad and of the just and the unjust is what is proper to men as opposed to other living beings, and the community of these things makes dwelling and the city.
(Aristotle, Politics, 1253a, 10-18)

There is no other time than that of the enunciation
(Roland Barthes, The death of the Author, 1967)

Manfred Werder, composer, is wandering through the abundance. His scores feature words and sentences found in poetry, philosophy and the world. Earlier works include stück 1998, a 4000 page score whose nonrecurring and intermittent performative realization has been ongoing since December 1997. Lives in situ.

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This event is organized as part of Manfred Werder’s visit to Miami, and also includes an outdoor event at J. Fritz and Frances Gordon Park on 4 February at 1pm.

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Both events are part of LIMINAL/ADRIFT, a four month series of activities organized by Inlets Foundation for Experimental Practices and made possible with the support of the City of Coral Gables, the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners, Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia and SFCA [isaw+subtropics]

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