FROZEN MUSIC: POND | ISEA 2012 Albuquerque


David Dunn and Gustavo Matamoros perform the longest Frozen Music environmental activation to date

The 24-hour performance is a featured event of the ISEA 2012 Albuquerque: Machine Wilderness Conference

Frozen Music Ensemble: Pond
24-hour performance
at Duck Pond, UNM Main Campus

Frozen Music Ensemble is a unique vehicle for the development and implementation of a novel kind of extended electroacoustic music presentation. Each performance is a kind of acoustical “tuning” or redrawing of the existing aural landscape through direct sound generation and amplification. For Pond, David Dunn and Gustavo Matamoros will use loud speakers and custom-designed wireless exciters to engage Machine Wilderness audiences in multidimensional activations of the Duck Pond area at UNM’s Main Campus.

Click this link to see a 360 navigable photo of UNM’s Duck Pond Bridge

The performance will include sound material recorded onsite as well as live signals from hydrophones and other custom-made transducers in combination with signals from non-linear chaotic oscillators.  Throughout the performance, sounds will emanate from different locations along the site, populating the area and interacting with the existing acoustical environment.

The typical Frozen Music event lasts 4-6 hours.  Our first event, Canal, went on for 13 hours. Pond will sound continuously for 24 hours, making it the longest Frozen Music event to date.

Info: 516 ARTS, 505-242-1445 • Free & open to the public


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