iSAW offers artist residencies where creative research and development, cultural exchange, and new tool development are fostered. iSAW builds partnerships with artists and arts organizations, to produce, present, and secure support funding for the commissioning of, new work. These residencies aim to provide artists with free access to the iSAW studio, commissioning fees, and opportunities to present, lecture and teach. Work by resident artists ispresented at concerts and other outreach programs including workshops, lectures, and demonstrations at iSAW facilities and other venues. Sample residencies include:


In a residency at iSAW’s sound studio, Jacqueline Humbert and Sam Ashley worked on a duet version of Foreign Experiences by Robert Ashley. The voice recordings made during the live performance of the work during their residency were used in the recent CD release on Lovely Music

“For Ashley, inobtrusive form is ideal for the delivery of thought-provoking content. He eschews the romantic plots of traditional opera to plumb the depths of the psyche, sculpting a vast landscape of surreal concepts, storylines, and characters. Sometimes shocking in their intensity, the operas can range from poetic transcendence to humorous everyday experience.” — John Anderson, Miami New Times

CHANTEUSE, Songs of a Different Sort
CHANTEUSE, Songs of a Different Sort

Jacqueline Humbert used part of her residency to work out material for her Lovely Music compact disc CHANTEUSE, Songs of a Different Sort, released in 2004