isaw internship | winter-spring 2007:
Shawn Vendryers

winter/spring semester 2007

Shawn Vendryers, Intern, Winter-Spring 2007
Shawn Vendryers, Intern, Winter-Spring 2007

Shawn Vendryes was isaw’s intern in the winter/spring semester of 2007. This allowed him to become intimately involved in the production of the 19th Subtropics Experimental Festival of Music and Sound Art (see subtropics 19:

“After leaving Isaw I moved up north to teach at Brown Mackie College. Where I started to develop a relationship with another video artist in the UK named Burnie Kunize. Professtionally I have been working with Mr. Kunize on several video art projects that center around visual music, video art and video mixing. Of these projects, one of which is working on the relaunching of his short lived music video TV program called AcidTV on the UK’s SkyTV Networks. Along side of this major project I have started to publish DVDs of visual music and video mixes via my own visual music label called Kadian Visual Music. These DVD are sold online via the web site.”

“Recently I have been working on a collaboration with various Miami music artist who preform under the collective name of the Creature Tweaker Council. I have been working with them to turn their first compilation album, into a series of video pieces for people to view and enjoy online. I have the first half of the video already completed and online for people to view, wit the other half coming in mid October.” — Shawn Vendryes