isaw residency | david dunn:
micro-listening workshop

south beach music institute
carl fisher house
2100 washington avenue, miami beach
workshop: micro listening
DAVID DUNN, composer
part1: saturday, october 6, 2007; 6pm – 10pm
part2: sunday, october 7, 2007; 1pm – 5pm
duration: 8-hour workshop in 2 parts
enrollment: up to 12 participants
availability: first come, first served
enrollment deadline: friday, september 28, 2007
tuition: $100.00, plus $35 for materials
reservations: full payment trumps reserved spaces

Hydrophone by David Dunn
Early Hydrophone by David Dunn

the micro listening project is an interdisciplinary art and science strategy for increasing the monitoring of our environment through sound. It hopes to provide new inexpensive technologies that can facilitate an increase in our collective environmental sensitivity and discovery of unknown natural and human made phenomena, providing novel tools for sound artist, and contributing towards practical environmental problem solving.

the project focuses upon the design of inexpensive but highly effective audio transducer systems for bioacoustic and sound art monitoring of otherwise hidden aspects of our auditory environment that are not audible through the use of conventional microphones. In addition to these technological advancements for listening, the project seeks to document a wide diversity of sound worlds for both demonstration of the transducers and general aesthetic revelation of our environment. Precise instruments on how to use and construct these devices will be part of this workshop. The devices are designed to allow as wide a distribution of their use as possible by both amateurs and professionals.