Listening Club

A popular series of guided listening events curated by local and out-of-town guests of diverse backgrounds

During our tenure at ArtCenter we ran The Listening Club as a series of monthly curate listening sessions open to all. It exposed general audiences to listening experiences that fostered a deeper understanding and enjoyment of sound. It sought to promote auditory literacy and an expanded of the listening pallet, not in an academic setting, but in a relaxed and contemplative atmosphere conducive to developing a taste for new sound experiences — like those provided by experimental music and sound art

listening club — original series credits:

Series Concept and Design:
Gustavo Matamoros

Brochures and Graphic Design:
Claudia Ariano, Arionographix

Stephen Malagodi, Spectacular Media

List of Guest Curators:
Victor Aguado, Miguel Alvarez Fernandez, Sam Ashley, Robert Blatt, Thomas Buckner, Joseph Celli, Michael Dean, Adalberto Delgado, Robert Dick, Brook Dorsch, David Dunn, Michael Feathers, Russell Frehling, Fernando Gonzalez, Eric Gottlieb, Jennie Gottschalk, Jose Hernandez Sanchez, Jessica Higgins, Alison Knowles, DJ LeSpam, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Steve Malagodi, Gustavo Matamoros, Bruce Posner, Aislinn Quinn, Charles Recher, Armando Rodriguez, Guy Segers, Ladonna Smith, Jacob Sudol, Alba Triana, Kasper Toeplitz, John Van Der Slice, Kerry Ware, Davey Williams

listening club – season one [ 2013-14 ]

listening club – season one
schedule brochure

10/16/13 S1:E1
Egg(s)travinsky | Gustavo Matamoros
11/13/13 S1:E2
Guitar Tone | DJ LeSpam
12/18/13 S1:E3
Ancient Greece | Armando Rodriguez
01/15/14 S1:E4
Century Overlap | Kerry Ware
02/12/14 S1:E5
Shorts | Jose Hernandez
03/12/14 S1:E6
Vinyl as a Medium | John Van Der Slice
04/13/14 S1:E7
Improvements | Brook Dorsch
04/30/14 S1:E8
Concrete to Abstract | Alba Triana
05/14/14 S1:E9
Birth of Polyphony | Armando Rodriguez

listening club – season two [ 2014-15 ]

listening club – season two
schedule brochure

10/01/14 S2:E01
Put Yourself In My Shoes | Gustavo Matamoros
10/22/14 S2:E02
From Emotions to Magic Squares | Jose Hernandez Sanchez
11/12/14 S2:E03
78 r.p.m. | DJ LeSpam
12/21/14 S2:E05
Guy Segers & The Twisted Music He Listens To… | Guy Segers, Aislinn Quinn
01/07/15 S2:E06
STFU…Everything Becomes Melodic | Steve Malagodi
01/28/15 S2:E07
Electric Roots | Fernando Gonzalez
03/03/15 S2:E08
The Music of Robert Ashley | Thomas Buckner
03/25/15 S2:E09
Sound Mass and the Sonic Sciences | Alba Triana
04/12/15 S2:E10
Ballet Mecanique | Bruce Posner
04/16/15 S2:E11
The Other Flute | Robert Dick
05/06/15 S2:E12
Just Intonation | Jacob Sudol
05/17/15 S2:E13
Audible Asia | Joseph Celli
06/03/15 S2:E14
The Magic Bus | Michael Dean
09/02/15 S2:E04
The Amazing Gottschalk | Armando Rodriguez

listening club – season three [ 2015-16 ]

listening club – season three
schedule brochure

10/07/15 S3:E1
Songbook I | Gustavo Matamoros
10/28/15 S3:E2
Rumba | Adalberto Delgado
12/13/15 S3:E3
Frank Zappa | Eric Gottlieb
01/06/16 S3:E4
Available Now at The Magic Minstrel | Michael Dean
01/27/16 S3:E5
Cellists Within Jazz | Fred Lonberg-Holm
02/10/16 S3:E6
Recording the Living Soundscape | David Dunn
03/02/16 S3:E7
The Guitar’s Journey | Armando Rodriguez
04/06/16 S3:E8
For The Love of Noise | Russell Frehling
05/04/16 S3:E9
Exploding Asia: New Directions in Asian Music | Joseph Celli
05/16/16 S3:E10
Eye for Sound (on Film) | Charles Recher
06/01/16 S3:E11
The Slippery Sound of Portamento | L. Smith + D. Williams
08/17/16 S3:12
Natural Oracles of the Miami Region | Sam Ashley

listening club – season four [ 2016-17 ]

listening club – season four
schedule brochure

10/25/16 S4:E1
Supersonic Tales of Sound & Speed | Gustavo Matamoros
11/15/16 S4:E2
Listening at the Periphery of Sound | Robert Blatt
12/21/16 S4:E3
Zappa at 75 | Eric Gottlieb
03/01/17 S4: E4
Experimental Music Since 1970 | Jennie Gottschalk
04/25/17 S4: E5
Walter Benjamin Plays The Jukebox | Michael Dean
05/09/17 S4: E6
Mono in Flux | Barron Sherer, Gustavo Matamoros & Freddy Jouwayed
05/23/17 S4: E7
A Change in Paradigm | Kasper Toeplitz
06/09/17 S4: E8
Paper Weather Music | Alison Knowles & Jessica Higgins
07/19/17 S4: E9
Anthology of Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art in Spain | Miguel Alvarez Fernandez & Victor Aguado

listening club – season five [ 2017-18 ]

listening club – season five [ brief ]

12/21/17 S5:E1
Frank Zappa: The 1970s | Eric Gottlieb
01/17/18 S5:E2
Henry Cow and Beyond | Michael Feathers
11/03/18 S5:E3
Installations Edition | Gustavo Matamoros

listening club – season 1 @ books & books [ 2022 ]

listening club – season four
schedule brochure

06/06/22 B&B S1:E1
Eggstravinsky | Gustavo Matamoros
06/13/22 B&B S1:E2
A disturbance in the force | Gustavo Matamoros
06/20/22 B&B S1:E3
Songbook | Gustavo Matamoros
06/27/22 B&B S1: E4
Supersonic Tales of Sound & Speed | Gustavo Matamoros