David Tudor performing the US premiere of Neural Network Plus during Subtropics 5, April 1, 1993

The mission of the nonprofit SFCA [isaw+subtropics] is to enable experimental music & sound art.

To fulfill this mission, SFCA [isaw+subtropics] relies on iSAW to produce new work through ARTIST RESIDENCIES and RECORDING SERVICES.

SFCA [isaw+subtropics] has presented the outcome of its activities to broad audiences through such projects as LISTENING GALLERY, FROZEN MUSIC, and the SUBTROPICS BIENNIAL of experimental music and sound art. Its annual programming includes performances, a yearly MARATHON concert—showcasing Miami based artists—and the LISTENING CLUB—a curated series dedicated to listening and discussion.

Until December 2018, SFCA [isaw+subtropics] presented programs to small audiences of up to 50 at its Lincoln Road urban sound studio and performance space, AUDIOTHEQUE, and streamed them live online via SPECTACULAR.MEDIA to wider audiences worldwide.

SUBTROPICS EDITIONS is an upcoming publishing initiative that will make extensive use of our vast SUBTROPICS ARCHIVE of recordings documenting experimental music in South Florida since 1975.