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frozen music

Frozen Music are David Dunn, Gustavo Matamoros & Rene Barge. FM is an artist research collective and experimental music ensemble that designs and realizes interdisciplinary music in response to the acoustical characteristics of a given site. It focuses upon the making of otherwise inaudible phenomena audible in science, nature and architecture. Each performance is a kind of acoustical “tuning” or redrawing of the existing aural landscape through direct sound generation and amplification.

FM is a unique vehicle for the development and implementation of a novel kind of extended electroacoustic music presentation, at times lasting upward of 13 hours. Its members use new and custom-designed audio technology to engage audiences in activations of indoor and outdoor spaces that promote an aural perception of the world. Rather than a traditional ensemble— where each musician contributes a single voice to a collective—FM arises from a confluence of sonic activation strategies where each performer engages with their own autonomous audio gestalt and unique instrumentation to simultaneously occupy and stimulate the same acoustic environment.

What insures an FM performance becomes a true alternative to the mainstream musical experience?  “always we are less concerned with satisfying the [entertainment] expectations of a human audience than with a pure and honest exploration of the world through sound.” – David Dunn


‘Soundspace’ in Miami by Frozen Music from Fast Forward on Vimeo.

“Subtropics 25 begins at 6PM on September 16, 2021, with the world premiere of Soundpaintings — the second 120-channel, site-specific work created for the sound system at Soundscape Park by Frozen Music. This large-scale piece is an adaptation by the members of FM of the single channel sound video piece 60 Sound Paintings by David Dunn.

This FM adaptation not only brings in its member’s reimagining of the core sound element of the original work magnified by the intricate ways the sound material populates the system to create a truly immersive auditory experience of a quality not yet showcased in Miami, but it also features a reinterpreted film component, also part of the original piece by Dunn, yet animated and produced specifically by filmmaker Ricardo Matamoros for The Park’s new high definition projection system. Two words and a contraction: Don’t Miss It!” I would like to thank Roberto Toledo, Clyde Scott and Michelle Kucharczyk of the New World Symphony for their generous and professional assistance.

— Gustavo Matamoros, artistic director, Subtropics