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freddy jouwayed

Freddy Jouwayed is a multimedia artist and exhibition designer currently heading FJP Design. He previously served as Museum Designer for HistoryMiami. There, he was instrumental to an immersive multi sensory approach for presenting South Florida historical content evident in exhibitions such as “Hurricane Andrew – 25 Years Later” and the award-winning “Operation Pedro Pan, The Cuban Children’s Exodus”.

Jouwayed’s spacial considerations and fascination with light drive an artistic practice that centers on mesmeric settings for collaborative exchanges. These concerns are evident in the installations and performance rituals with the artist collective 3PQ, and more current collaborations with sound artist Gustavo Matamoros produced the sound installation LISTEN, and design of the Audiotheque 2.0, both at Oolite Arts. In 2019, Jouwayed’s multimedia installation works were exhibited at Cornell Art Museum, Palm Beach State College, NSU, and MDC’s Koubek Center.

For this edition of Subtropics, Freddy Jouwayed will curate content for a dual projection setup on the side walls of the theater performance space to display during the numerous intermissions.

— Gustavo Matamoros, artistic director, Subtropics