rene barge

“The sound works, prints, and videos that I produce are glimpses into patterns that I perceive; they bear evidence of multiple filters and distortions via alternately human, natural and artificial agents. They are prisms of interactions with specific environments in that they show multiple aspects of change at once, analogous to a post-studio, post-digital cubism

I collaborate with sound artists Gustavo Matamoros and David Dunn as FM

I also direct the Creative Design Project for Youth. CDPY seeks to enhance the knowledge, proficiency and competitiveness of art and design students by engaging them in real-world experiences that augment their proficiencies and portfolios with exhibited and published original works commissioned by partnering community programs and arts organizations. CDPY was established in the Fall of 2005 with an Access To Artistic Excellence grant from the NEA’s Media Arts Program.” — Rene Barge

Prism Break (excerpt) created for the Listening Gallery on Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Why Rene?

In Miami everyone organizing art stuff develops a liking for some over others. It appears to be all about design, particular taste or preoccupation. I’m no exception and I am biased in favor of Rene Barge, perhaps my very favorite Miami artists.

An explorer and one with no patience for nonsense, Rene claims he has learned much from me. I’d say, on the contrary. He is only younger and much wiser about life in general.

Over the years we have become close collaborators sharing a similar interest in sound. He is an artist of magnificently dependable quality and the one Barge lesson I would like to learn to internalize is the one about not wasting good energy and time over bad, and to tame my expectations about the residue we artists leave behind as we go about our business.

— Gustavo Matamoros, artistic director, Subtropics