aislinn quinn

Aislinn Quinn is the surviving core member of the band Abzolute Zero. She was the group’s keyboardist/singer. Aislinn holds a Master’s degree in composition from the California Institute for the Arts and is a great advocate of hard-edged contemporary music.

She drove from New York to Boston to audition as the band’s singer, and sang without a microphone while competing with thundering drums and a several hundred watt amplification system.

After proving her worth (“walking on water” according to Enrique), she joined the group and added a new dimension to the group. While somewhat reminiscent of the vocal stylings of Dagmar Krause, the German vocalist who had sung with Henry Cow and Slapp Happy, Aislinn’s vocal style is wilder and more edgy.

She also treats her vocals at times through various electronic effects, such as the Vocoder, which has the effect of, at times, changing her gender, or making her sound like a demon chorus, to rather chilling and bizarre effect.

Absolute Zero is a unique blend of explosiveness, subtlety, complexity, and avant-garde music, all tempered with lyrics that speak to the poor and oppressed. They hearken back to a time when music was viewed as a vehicle of social change and the thought that it was necessary to change musical perspectives in order to change society.

— excerpted from the article, Absolute Zero: Everything Included By Gary Gomes (November 2001) | Perfect Sound Forever Online Magazine

Still from the video Dew of Repentance by Absolute Zero

In the early 00s we organized a Subtropics residency for the members of the group Absolute Zero which at the time included keyboardist/singer Aislinn Quinn, and the late musicians, bassist Enrique Jardines and world-renown drummer Pip Pyle. One of the pieces they created during the residency is called Dew of Repentance which is the piece we will be presenting in its original format as part of Subtropics 25.

— Gustavo Matamoros, artistic director, Subtropics