Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
in collaboration with
Subtropics Organization

Excerpt from Early Timely Late by Frozen Music at Vizcaya | 2021.03.11
© 2021, Frozen Music | Subtropics Editions.

Early • Timely • Late
A world premiere by Frozen Music

featuring Rene Barge and Gustavo Matamoros (on site) and David Dunn (remotely)
part of Vizcaya Late
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Thursday, March 11 | 5-8pm

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
3251 S Miami Avenue

The world premiere of Frozen Music’s Early – Timely – Late will activate Vizcaya’s Forecourt with a multichannel soundscape that will arise from a confluence of sonic activation strategies where each member of FM engages with their own autonomous audio gestalt and unique instrumentation to simultaneously occupy and stimulate the same acoustic environment.

This performances are possible with the support of Miami-Dade County Mayor, the Board of County Commissioners and the Cultural Affairs Department; and The Blank Family Foundation.