SFCA [isaw+subtropics] in collaboration with ArtCenter/South Florida

Listening Club

Anthology: Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art in Spain
Tribute to Aram Slobodian

Victor Aguado Machuca, Miguel Álvarez-Fernández
and Ferrer-Molina of AMEE

WED JUL 19, 2017 | 9PM

ArtCenter/South Florida
924 Lincoln Road, 201
Miami Beach, FL 33139

This tenth and final episode of the fourth season of the Listening Club  presents an overview of recent works by composers from Spain. The program features acousmatic pieces from composers of the Spanish Association for Electroacoustic Music and Sound Art (AMEE).

The listening session concludes with a discussion between Miguel Álvarez-Fernández (curator of this project), Ferrer-Molina and Víctor Aguado Machuca (AMEE board members).

This episode is possible in part with the support of Acción Cultural Española, AC/E


Aram Slobodian: La Femme á Barbe (0:55)
Rocío Silleras: Slöcier (extracto) (1:02)
Pedro Linde: Pequeñas Industrias (3:32)
Sergio Fidemraizer: Allá Vamos (0:44)
José María Pastor: Nabodols (2:01)
Susana López: La Femme á Barbe II (1:03)
Josué Moreno: Uniendo los canales beberéis otras aguas (1:03)
Reyes Oteo: Mademoiselle Contorsioniste (4:00)
Roberto Pineda Tenor: Flores del Edén (3:00)
Cap Polonio (Mercé Capdevila y Eduardo Polonio): Dos carpetas con cuatro archivos en cada una (9:02)
Aram Slobodian: The Sound Of Speed (versión 1) (0:39)
Juan José Raposo: Mosaico (0:38)
Pedro Guajardo: Aracnian I (0:38)
Pedro Guajardo: Aracnian II (0:36)
José Andrés Prieto Franco: Ars Sonora Slobodian (0:38)
Pere Vicalet: Estudio holofónic de la masa (0:38)
Josep Lluís Galiana: Evidencias slobodianas I (0:36)
Josep Lluís Galiana: Evidencias slobodianas II (0:38)
Gregorio Jiménez: Verjin dzaynagrut’yuny (La última grabación) (0:38)
Vicent Gómez: d’el Tal, qual (0:38)
Miguel Molina Alarcón: De WAV a…mp3.ogg.vox.wma.flac.ivc.aa3.aac…a WAV (Cariño, te escucho comprimido) (0:37)
Alejandra Hernández: V” (0:39)
Aram Slobodian: The Sound Of Speed (versión 2) (0:37)
Aram Slobodian: Yukani Ventango / Big Bang (5:35)

AMEE is Spain’s official national association for electroacoustics music and sound art, founded in 1987 to represent and promote this experimental forms of art in its broadest definition (these are such as acousmatic, computer and tape music, soundscape, performance, video, environmental, space and conceptual sound art, and other experimental modes of artistic production). The aims of AMEE are to foster a broad, diverse and inclusive community of electroacoustic artists and develop the collaboration and interchange of artists working within different fields, to produce projects, events, seminars and exhibitions of the sonic art fields. AMEE operates with Spanish and international cultural and educational organizations.


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