Miami Music Club & Subtropics Org
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TUE.SEP.27.2016 | 8PM | $10 at the door

924 Lincoln Road, 201
Miami Beach 33139



Al Margolis has been crafting industrial soundscapes and musique concrete compositions since 1984. Early cut-n-paste with cheap electronics and tape loops has given way to classical ambient noise under the rubric of academic non-academicism: If, Bwana is a veteran of clawing for escape from the room of sonic expression. His two labels, the cassette-only Sound of Pig and Pogus Productions, offer a cavernous catalog of international recording artists.

If, Bwana – http://www.ifbwana.com/content/home
Sound of Pig – http://www.pogus.com/history_sop.html
Pogus Productions – http://www.pogus.com/

Walter Wright, pioneer in the art of video animation and software engineering, was a resident of The Experimental Television Center from 1973-1976. He showed his work at the first computer art conference, in 1973, at the Kitchen in New York City, where he was also assistant director for some time. An electro-acoustic musician, Wright performs by using computers to manipulate video to produce visual instruments.

Walter Wright – http://signalculture.org/walter-wright.html#.V8hZFZMrLMX




Rat Bastard, “Born Frank Falestra and unceremoniously given his current moniker by a shitty punk band he recorded 25 years ago, he lives in Miami, three blocks away from the thong-riddled shores of South Beach… He’s recorded Blowfly, Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, the Silos, the Mavericks, Harry Pussy, and the Eat… As legend has it, one night a patron fed up with Rat’s incessant rumble stormed the stage [at Churchill’s Pub] and put a gun to his head. ‘Go ahead and pull the trigger,’ Rat told him, ’cause I ain’t stopping.'” — Liz Armstrong

Rat Bastard – http://squelchers.net/


924 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach 33139
(south side of lincoln road-parking in back of the building)

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