THU FEB 19, 2015 | 7:30PM
an evening of music and cocktails hosted
by Eric Gottlieb to benefit subtropics

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It is a rare opportunity to hear John Cage’s groundbreaking Sonatas and Interludes performed live. Lasting just over an hour, there are dozens of screws, bolts, pieces of rubber, coins, strips of plastic, that are inserted into the strings of the piano to create sounds that are reminiscent of percussion instruments (gongs, woodblocks, cymbals). The unique prepared sounds—sometimes combined with Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 6.41.41 PMunprepared notes—create a breathtaking array of colors. The piece is literally an emotional journey—through the “white” emotions (the heroic, the erotic, the mirthful and the wondrous) and the “black” emotions (fear, anger, disgust, and sorrow) of Ancient Hindu aesthetics. Amy Williams will be playing the piece on a set of preparations that John Cage himself approved (it was given to her by pianist Bennett Lerner).  The intimate setting of this concert will further intensify the experience.

Amy Williams has appeared as a pianist and composer at renowned contemporary music venues in the United States, Australia and Europe, including Ars Musica (Belgium), Musikhšst (Denmark), Gaudeamus Musik Week (Netherlands), Festival Aspekte (Austria), Dresden New Music Days (Germany), Festival Musica Nova (Brazil), Music Gallery (Canada), Tanglewood, and LA County Museum.


Most every other subtropics event is free and open to the public. For the past 22 festivals we have thought of the free concert as a good way to introduce general audiences to extraordinary experiences in new music and the mysterious discipline of sound art.  By attending this very special and intimate evening you will be contributing matching funds for grants that help us keep most subtropics biennial events free of charge.


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