emotions to magic squares

listening club
season 2 | episode 2

from emotions to magic squares

WED OCT 22, 2014 | curator: josé ignacio hernández

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what might have seemed a complete break from tradition was indeed an evolution with ingrained ideas continuing from previous styles discover the story of one of the biggest changes in classical music, from romanticism to atonal music and beyond

live webcasts | beginning at 8PM

if you don’t live in miami or are unable to come to audiotheque for these events, you can listen to them live on spectacular sound’s online radio channel hosted by steve malagodi:

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free and open to the public, the Listening Club is a club for listening

audiotheque is an acoustically intimate space ideal for experiencing live electro-acoustic and experimental music in a multichannel context located at Artcenter/South Florida, 924 Lincoln Road. It is also a sound art studio for developing Listening Gallery collaborations and iSAW residencies

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