orlando j garcia and kathleen wilson recording at Audiotheque

iSAW Summer Recording Residency at Audiotheuqe

Orlando J. Garcia: Entre Michigan y Jefferson

Entre Michigan y Jefferson (Between Michigan and Jefferson) was written for the Fonema Consort ensemble and its director Pablo Chin during the summer of 2014. The samples utilized in the electronic part for the work were realized during an iSAW recording residency at Audiotheque located on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, Florida with the assistance of the director of the studio Gustavo Matamoros.

The title of the work references the location of the studio between Michigan and Jefferson streets as does the text heard in the work.  The original text in Spanish, lo que se oye afuera no se oye adentro, lo que se oye adentro no se oye afuera, translates to what is heard outside is not heard inside, what is heard inside is not heard outside.  

The electronic part consists of flute, percussion, and vocal samples created with the assistance of flutist Elissa Lakofsky and soprano Kathleen Wilson at the studio. The remainder of the work was completed during a residency at the Millay Colony in August of the same summer. The slow evolution of material as well as the counterpoint between timbre, density, texture, register, and pacing are important aesthetic concerns.

Orlando Jacinto Garcia