“Purist” qualities in music have allowed its medium to surpass the visual arts today.

The avant-garde has been turned inside out.

Visual art continues to spin its wheels in postmodernist uselessness.

The “radical or innovative” music today continues to excel in modernist doctrine.

Doris Salcedo and Ai Wei Wei are given to us as important and radical.

But how good are they?

Are there parallels between Duchamp’s “Fountain” and Cage’s “4’ 33”?

How has this played out in the arts today?

Kerry Ware
Winter 2013

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listening club

wednesday |  JAN 15-2013 | 7PM

censory overlap
curator: kerry ware 

SUBTROPICS.ORG is pleased to bring you the first full season of its listening club at audiotheque

receiving the new year, curator kerry ware will explore audible trends in experimental music of the last 20 years rsvp

if you can’t make it to audiotheque for this event, listen to a LIVE broadcast on spectacular sound‘s online radio channel hosted by steve malagodi:


this year SUBTROPICS.ORG is offering nine curated monthly sessions prepared as part of its listening club. guest curators include andrew yeoman son (dj lespam), brook dorsch, alba triana, john van der slice, kerry ware, gustavo matamoros, jose hernández and armando rodríguez


924 Lincoln Road | Studio 201
Miami Beach, FL 33139


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Our 2013-14 season of events is possible with funding from City of Miami Beach’s Cultural Affairs Program and Cultural Arts Council; with the support of the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners; and Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture. would like to acknowledge the ongoing support of Sennheiser USA, makers of professional audio equipment and the generosity of private foundations, corporations and individuals members of Audiotheque.

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Wind Instruments:
The Contests of Pleasures: John Butcher, Axel Dorner and Xavier Charles
Michel Doneda: “Solo Las Planques”
Jim Denley: “Hydration”

Group Improvisation:
Absinth: Tilbury, Dafeldecker, Sachiko M, Hautzinger.
Polwechsel (did not play)

Field recordings:
C-Schulz & Hajsch
Peter Cusack & Max Eastley
Lawrence English (did not play)

Laptop Improvisation:
Fenn ‘O’ Berg: Fennesz, O’Rourke, Rehberg
Lappetites: Elaine Radigue, Kaffe Matthews, AGF.

Field recordings:
Eric La Casa (the bee piece)
Chris Watson

Nurse With Wound (car crashes)
Byrne and Eno (“Everything That Happens”)

Keith Rowe & Graham Lambkin (Erstwhile Label) I wanted to open with a 15 minute track from this recent disc I changed my mind.