SUBTROPICS.ORG has organized a week-long residency with composer, performer and poet, Jaap Blonk. During his residency Jaap will create an 8-channel piece for the Listening Gallery

OCT. 4, 2013

8PM | Listening Gallery (800-810 Lincoln Road)

It is entitled “¿Oíste?” (“Have You Heard?”) and is inspired by the notions of gossip and eavesdropping. It will feature many different half-understandable utterances and other vocal sounds that might make people stand still wanting to listen more closely

9PM | Listening Gallery (800-810 Lincoln Road)

In part one of the concert on October 4, Jaap Blonk will present a live version of the piece. He will start behind the gallery window by the Listening Gallery and then walk outside with a wireless microphone and make small, and maybe occasionally loud, vocal sounds.  After this there will be a parade to the Audiotheque

9PM | Audiotheque (924 Lincoln Road | 201)

The evening continues with a sit down concert at Audiotheque and will feature voice and live electronics: a collaboration with improvising vocalist Liza Seigido and a new piece by Gustavo Matamoros and Jaap Blonk


Jaap Blonk’s residency is organized with support from ArtCenter/South Florida & FETA. Our 2013-14 season of events is possible with funds from City of Miami Beach Cultural Affairs Program, Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, Culture Builds Florida, and the generosity of private foundations, corporations and individuals and the members of Audiotheque.

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