MAR.08 | Friday

Audiotheque | Studio 201, 924 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach
in collaboration with FETA + ArtCenter/South Florida

for more information visit: 12 nights — Dafna Naphtali

In her solo performance project {kaleid-o-phone}, Dafna Naphtali uses her laptop-based noise/audio processing “instrument” to alter the sound of her multi-octave singing, vocalisms and personalized recordings. At times a curious accompaniment to her voice, she considers all sounds fair game for her unique electronic mutations and expression. {kaleid-o-phone}, is a collection of open form compositions using algorithmic mutations, Morse code, polyrhythmic and audio-based triggering, gestural controllers and acoustic feedback. She filters and samples her voice and her audio samples & synthesis, and plays the resulting sounds as an instrument of her own invention, on a wild collision course of the acoustic and the electronic –and along the route paying homage (in a twirl of the radio dial) to all her influences: music concréte, free improvised music, as well as the contemporary classical, near-eastern and many other non-Western music.

Dafna Naphtali is a singer/instrumentalist/electronic-musician from an eclectic  musical background (jazz, classical, rock and near-eastern music). Since the mid-90’s she composes/performs experimental, interactive electro-acoustic music using her custom Max/MSP programming for live sound processing of voice and other instruments, and also interprets the work of Cage, Stockhausen and contemporary composers. With a large variety of projects with well regarded musicians in the US, Europe and India, she has received awards from NYFA, NYSCA, Franklin Furnace, American Composers Forum, Foundation for Contemporary Arts  and American Music Center, and recorded several CDs, including “What is it Like to be a Bat?” a digital punk trio with Kitty Brazelton (on Tzadik).