ST22 | ALBA TRIANA: Sounding Score


MAR. 01 | 5PM
Miami Beach Cinematheque
1130 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach

ALBA TRIANA: Sounding Score
on view through March 31, 2013

SOUNDING SCORE (2009 – 2011)

This virtual book, provided as both score and instrument, invites the public to experience music outside the traditional spectator role. Visitors become performers and, to a certain extent, collaborators as they define the structure (order and number of parts) of a music composition by Alba Triana.

Below most of the book pages are interactive buttons which can be activated or deactivated in order to introduce elements into or withdraw them from the music, allowing for the construction of individual discourses within each musical section. Visitors can also navigate through the five parts of the piece by turning pages forward or backward.

As the piece unfolds, the book shows a simple real-time visual representation of musical parameters. This supports the intuitive understanding of the composition and guides the audience in their performance of the piece.

Sounding Score reflects upon music creation, performance and experience within a contemporary, cross-disciplinary and technological context. This hybrid work proposes redefinitions of established ideas through an interactive experience, which involves the user’s sensitivity, intuition and creativity. Spectator, machine and composer cooperate in producing a personalized and renewable piece of music, connected by that sort of intangible interface which is musical expressivity.

If you miss this festival tour stop, the installation remains at MBC through March 31, and can be viewed before any scheduled film.

the score is also the instrument

the instrument is played by the spectator

the spectator is also the performer

the performer assembles the piece

the piece is always different

the difference is a variation of the same

the same is renewed by the probable

the probable combines with the interaction

the interaction transforms the object

the object is intangible

the intangible manifests through the performer?s intuition

the intuition leads the interpretation

the interpretation is carried out by the spectator

the spectator collaborates with the author

the author is not who concludes the piece

the piece is individual

the individual makes it multiple

the multiple is the basis of the whole

the whole is held by the intangible


Alba Fernanda Triana
Music Art

Alba Fernanda Triana began her composition career in 1992. Since then, she has strived to respond with her work to the cultural transformations of the globalized world. Aspects of present-day life such as state of the art technology, telecommunications, interactivity, massive access to information, among others, have led her to pose the question: what could become the meaning of composition, performance and aesthetic musical experience in the context of contemporary life? Triana proposes redefinitions of music and its constituent elements bearing upon this question. Thus, besides her strictly musical oeuvre, she has a hybrid production crossing over boundaries of diverse artistic disciplines, science and technology. Creating what she has coined “Music Art”, she makes her own way through contemporary music and sound art.

Triana has earned recognition through awards such as: IDCT, National Electroacoustic Music Contest, “Otto de Greiff” Best Thesis Works National Contest and French Alliance Work in Progress (Colombia). She was second place in the Broadcast International Designer (U.S.). Alba also received honorable mentions from the National Music Council and the Colcultura Awards (Colombia). Some of her outstanding grants, residences and commissions are: California Institute of the Arts and American Composers Forum (U.S.); GMEB (France); FONCA and Ministry of Culture (Mexico, Colombia). Her works have been performed in important festivals such as: College Music Society (U.S.); Transforming Voices CSU and Orange Festival (U.S.); Synthèse and Futura (France); York University (UK); and International Contemporary Music Festival (Colombia), among others. Her interdisciplinary works have been shown in renowned galleries and non-conventional venues such as: Diapason Gallery, Jack Straw Productions’ New Media Gallery, Orange County Museum, MAK Center for Art and Architecture and Salk Institute (U.S.), to name a few.

She obtained her Bachelor’s degree at Javeriana University (Colombia) achieving academic excellence and merits. With the help of scholarships from Mazda foundation and Fulbright, she earned her Master’s degree in Composition New Media/Integrated Media at California Institute of the Arts (U.S.), and began her doctoral studies at University of California in San Diego (U.S.).

In Colombia, she has worked as a college professor and consultant for the Ministry of Culture. She currently dedicates herself to her artistic production, managed in the U.S. by Music Artwoks LLC.

Part of … SUBTROPICS SYMPOSIUM: Redrawing The Acoustical Public Space