Exhibition + Conversation

Curated by Gustavo Matamoros for The Nightclub

This one-night event will feature acoustical transpositions of sound installation pieces by Listening Gallery artists plus a conversation between Vito Acconci and Gustavo Matamoros.

Acoustical Transpositions in a Single Architectural Space
Works* by Listening Gallery** sound artists Rene Barge, David Dunn, Russell Frehling

When we experience recorded sound we hear in it acoustical features of the space in which that sound was recorded.  Among them we hear things like resonance—the tendency of architecture to amplify certain frequencies over others. This means that the articulation of sound excites and makes audible aspects of architecture not perceivable otherwise.  The term acoustical transposition refers here to the retuning of sound recorded in one space, adjusted to articulate acoustical features belonging to a different space.

The sound installations featured in Acoustical Transpositions in a Single Architectural Space were selected for their contrasting content and will represent site-specific adaptations of the originals, adaptations that will work as sonic stimuli to produce different articulations of the given exhibition space.  Each installation will play one at a time in sequence through the evening.

Audiences will be able to listen to each acoustical articulation separately and experience subtle differences in the relationship between the sounds and their new habitat by physically walking across the room … listening … stopping … seating or laying on the floor … turning to one side … listening some more … standing back up … traveling to another location … listening again … turning again … moving again …

From the experience, an improvised dialog between Vito Acconci and Gustavo Matamoros will emerge as part of the exhibition.

The influential, provocative and often radical art-making practices of Vito Acconci have earned him international recognition. Acconci has been a vital presence in contemporary art since the late 1960s; his confrontational and ultimately political works have evolved from writing through conceptual art, bodyworks, performance, film, video, multimedia installation and architectural sculpture. Acconci’s interest in the body and its relationship to space ultimately led to a focus on design. In 1988 he formed the Acconci Studio, a group of architects whose projects incorporate sculpture, furniture, public art and architecture. (excerpted from Electronic Arts Intermix: – photo: Maria Elena Mirabal)


Exhibition + Conversation

October 19, 7-11 pm

The Nightclub
Buena Vista Building
180 NE 39 St. Suite 112
Miami FL 33137

(*) The pieces featured in this program were originally commissioned by SFCA [] for the Listening Gallery with funding from Knight Foundation with additional support from the City of Miami Beach Cultural Affairs Program, Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs, Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and Sennheiser USA.

(**) Listening Gallery is a site-specific surround sound art lab that offers its artists a unique context for the creative engagement of acoustical public space located at 800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach.

The Listening Gallery is possible by a partnership with Artcenter/South Florida.