Vito Acconci’s writings, media art and objects—product of his earlier career as a performance artist—can be experienced today at major events, museums and art collections internationally.  It is his more recent emphasis on design and architecture that is of particular interest to us at SFCA [isaw+subtropics] and the Listening Gallery.

We are happy to help the folks at The Nightclub organize their next event, which will feature Vito Acconci in an informal conversation with Gustavo Matamoros, our artistic director and curator of the exhibit Acoustical Transpositions in a Single Architectural Space.  This conversation will center on issues and ideas about sound, design and architecture.

In addition, the evening’s event will include an exhibit consisting of four site-specific soundscapes* originally created by Listening Gallery sound artists Rene Barge, David Dunn, Russell Frehling and Gustavo Matamoros for the project’s Lincoln Road site.  Each of these sound works will manifest itself as a transposition that will function as a redrawing of a new temporary space at the Buena Vista Building of the Design District during The Nightclub. The experience will make audible acoustical features of the exhibition space not available to audiences otherwise.

(*) The four soundscapes featured in the program were individually commissioned by SFCA [] for the Listening Gallery with funding from the Knight Foundation, with additional support from the City of Miami Beach Cultural Affairs Program, Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs, Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and Sennheiser USA.

Acoustical Transpositions in a Single Architectural Space + a conversation with Vito Acconci

October 19, 7-11 pm

The Nightclub
Buena Vista Building
180 NE 39 St. Suite 112
Miami FL 33137