a series of tunings and acoustical gesture experiments
by Gustavo Matamoros from MAY05—2012 thru the summer

May12—2012 | 7-10PM
@Listening Gallery | under the awnings
800 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

After a successful run of newly commissioned installations by sound artists like Russell Frehling, David Dunn and Rene Barge, as well as the presentation of established sound art works by Tom Hamilton and Frozen Music, it is now time to turn the attention of the Listening Gallery to a series of experiments I’m calling Glade(s)cape. Throughout the summer I will be showcasing random instances of tunings and acoustical gestures derived from daily on-site experiments that combine elements of South Florida’s sound ecology with deeper explorations of the nature of the gallery’s surroundings and of its unique sound system.  The series will also feature audio reactive images by Rodrigo Arcaya as well as other experimental work by video artists exploring ways of integrating the Listening Gallery sound art exhibits with the two human-size video monitors of Charles Recher’s FACE2FACE.


a new set of Soundings
commissioned by SFCA []
for the Listening Gallery on Lincoln Road
with generous support from
Knight Foundation
City of Miami Beach
State of Florida
Miami-Dade County