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listening s(((o)))unday
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sunday, april 17, 2011
showtimes: 4:00 + 6:30 PM – free

listening room | studio 101
924 lincoln road, miami beach
first come, first served, or
rsvp by 4.15.2011:

Gustavo Matamoros discusses ideas about sound and its potential content-base interpretation as language in music through listening examples.  Based on the notions of monophony, polyphony and homophony as musical strategies for organizing sound through history he attempts to establish a comparison in intent between two siblings … musicians and sound artists.

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listening t[w]o ( temporarily off line )

anatomy of the presentation …

opening our ears to sound vs. selecting what to focus our attention on … microphones don’t have a brain … growing outside the music box … plug: Listening Gallery, a site-specific station for sound art … a pause button for the word: ideas about sound and musical language … a little room for the sound artist: thinking technology and space … constructing sound from scratch …

listening examples in support of three simple musical ideas and their connection to sound and language


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