isaw intern | summer 2008:
Edward Shannon


internship dates: may 15 – august 29, 2008

Majoring in Music Technology at the School of Music, Florida International University in Miami, Edward Shannon spent his summer at isaw in order to complete the nine internship credits required for his graduation.

Must of his duties centered around work related to isaw’s sound archive. He mostly work with DP, making backups of multi-channel recordings of previous Subtropics Festivals, mixing and mastering stereo reference files in preparation for David Dunn’s Archive Assessment and Evaluation Project. He also assisted during recording sessions.

Edward Shannon is very creative and displays a well rounded interdisciplinary education. His instruments are the viola (both acoustic and 5-string Viper electric) and the laptop computer with Max/MSP.

Upon graduation, he plans to dedicate his time to establishing his name as a performer, composer and electronic musician.