Subtropics Presents | jason freeman: interactivity in flock

interactivity in flock

a lecture by composer JASON FREEMAN as part of the understanding sound lecture series in partnership with the carnival center for the performing arts

monday, december 3, 2007 / 7:30 pm
peacock education center
carnival center for the performing arts
1300 biscayne boulevard, miami

free and open to the public

composer jason freeman will discuss the ideas
and intricacies behind the making of his interactive
piece flock, commissioned by the carnival center
for the performing arts, to be performed at the
studio theater, december 6-8, 2007.

in flock, you, the members of the audience, will play
a central role in creating a ground-breaking world premiere
event, along with computers, dancers, and a quartet of

flock is designed to make new connections between
composers, performers, and audiences, while the piece
takes off in a new direction every night, each time a new
flock of spectators becomes part of the collaboration.