Subtropics Presents | gustavo matamoros:
piano marina – Sleepless Night 2007

sleepless night: piano marina
a six-hour long marathon performance

piano marina

piano marina, recording: gustavo matamoros, audio format: mp3

our senses are tools that help our mind interact with the outside world. piano marina is a metaphor of this relationship. inside studio 5 of miami city ballet‘s building, a six-hour long performance takes place at the piano. the acoustic sounds are heard unaltered inside the room. a pendulum microphone is used to broadcast these gentle sounds out to the street. those outside looking in or passing by, are presented with a hyper real, amplified version of what is happening inside.


studio 5
miami city ballet
ophelia & juan js roca center
2200 liberty avenue
miami beach


saturday, november 3, 2007


8pm – 2am

This program is made possible through partnerships with
the City of Miami Beach, and Miami City Ballet. iSAW is
funded by The Department of Cultural Affairs of Miami
Dade County and The Division of Cultural Affairs of The
State of Florida.

audience documentation:

video – sleepless noise