isaw residency | david dunn:
why do whales and children sing?

Saturday, october 13, 2007 • 8pm – 10pm
books and books
265 aragon avenue
coral gables
admission: free

lecture / performance / book signing: why do children and whales sing?
by David Dunn

david dunn photo

For over 30 years, david dunn has been recording the natural world as a sound artist, composer, and bio-acoustician. this has led him to explore a wide range of diverse phenomena including many that are only accessible through the use of unique technologies that he has developed. he will present and talk about a full range of his recent work including underwater hydrophone recordings, vibration sensor recordings from the interior of trees and frequency expanded ultrasonic soundscapes that reveal the mysterious world of communication beyond our normal hearing. the talk will range from the natural history and ecological significance of the sounds to personal anecdotes about the experience of making the recordings.

about the book:
95 pages + cd
published by earth/ear

i have been listening to and thinking about soundscapes for many years and yet this book is full of revelations to me. each recorded segment is full of vitality, full of “presence.” but it is david’s commentary which transform it from a purely aural pleasure into something multi-dimensional, encouraging me to reintegrate myself into his “complex chain of connection,” an invaluable gift. there is a welcome intellectual clarity, even rigor here, and a generosity of heart towards the listener/reader which welcomes one into listening, into reflecting. connection becomes possible.

– annea lockwood