david dunn:
listening at the edges

saturday, october 6, 2007
1pm – 2pm
miami science museum, auditorium
3280 south miami avenue, miami

listening at the edges: the necessity for double description
as part of the understanding sound lecture series
in partnership with carnival center for the performing arts

for over three decades there has been an ongoing discourse that has addressed the role that the sonic arts can play in increasing our collective awareness to environmental issues through sensitizing us to the soundscape. a variety of approaches and strategies have used experimental music practices and audio recording technologies to document, compose preserve, study, manipulate, intensify, and otherwise attempt to bring issues of the natural environment into foreground awareness through sound. this lecture demonstrates one approach to bringing art practice and scientific knowledge together towards applied environmental problem solving. it illustrates one of the many ways that the sonic arts can move beyond documentary and sensory heightening strategies alone towards participation in both scientific research and subsequent interventions to growing environmental dilemmas.

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