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october 2007
micro-listening project
a residency with composer, bio-acoustician DAVID DUNN

david dunn photo

david dunn, author of why do whales and children sing? collaborates with isaw on a series of sound – based tools to illustrate concepts of science in the classroom. he is president of art and science laboratory in santa fe, new mexico, and has been praised enthusiastically for his recordings, live compositions, and intelligent commentary. dunn is the recipient of the 2007 henry cowell music award

events: understanding sound lecture (10/6/07), micro-listening workshop (10/6-7/07), interdisciplinary sound series event (10/13/07)


november 3, 2007
piano marina
a sound event by composer. artistic director of isaw GUSTAVO MATAMOROS
for sleepless nights, miami beach

piano marina image

piano marina, commissioned by the city of miami beach for performance during its sleepless night event, is a six-hour long performance inspired by the experience of floating in water. the piece evolves slowly over time and invites listeners to enter into a contemplative state

events: interdisciplinary sound series: performance (11/3/07), understanding sound lecture (2/2/08)


november 6 – 10, 2007
cage: miami footprint
a research and restoration residency with the director of the john cage trust LAURA KUHN

john cage, 1975 - still from isaw video

laura kuhn, comes to miami for a research and restoration residency at the interdisciplinary sound arts workshop. together with isaw’s director, who will assist her with mastering and restoration work, they will be assembling john cage’s miami footprint from materials in isaw’s experimental music archive to be shared with the trust

event: understanding sound lecture (11/7/07)


december 1 – 10, 2007
sound microscope / flock
an intermedia and production residency with composer JASON FREEMAN

flock logo

miamian jason freeman‘s creative residency at isaw consists of a project he calls sound microscope, a web applet designed for isaw’s main page that will help users explore the complex inner structures of sounds. a simple visual interface (think “google maps”, but for sound) that will let you zoom in and out and move up and down to isolate and magnify tiny moments in time and tiny slices in frequency of a short sound. isaw is also acting as producer of flock, jason’s miami made commission for the carnival center

events: understanding sound lecture (12/3/07), interdisciplinary sound series: 5 performances of flock (12/6-8/07), interdisciplinary sound series (on-line: isaw.info, 4/15/08)


january 9 – february 9, 2008
two chambers divided by an opening
a production residency with sound media and isaw 2007-08 creative fellowship artist RENE BARGE

two chambers divided by an opening

miami sound and media design artist rene barge has received isaw’s 2007-08 creative fellowship which provides him with one year of access to our interdisciplinary sound studio. aside from developing new work (see www.quietmatter.com), he will mentor a group of students from miami springs high school who will be involved in design aspects of the isaw website (see www.isaw.info) and in other projects

events: understanding sound lecture (2/4/08); interdisciplinary sound series: exhibition (2/9/08-3/1/08); interdisciplinary sound series: on-line event (2007-08)


february 15 – 29, 2008
toward dew of repentance
a production residency with the intermedia collectiveBLACKSHIFTRED

miami based intermedia collaborative blackshiftred, which includes two members of the progressive rock group absolute-zero, will use isaw’s [i] soundstudio to develop sound and visual aspects of their work-in-progress dew of repentance, commissioned by the carnival center. isaw will open its doors to student groups during the residency, to witness the creative process face-to-face and aislinn quinn, a member of the group, will explain the ideas behind the piece and discuss their creative strategies

event: understanding sound series (2/25/08)


march 26 – 29, 2008 (part of wmc-08: mar 25-29)
hardware hacking & circuit bending
a residency with composer NICOLAS COLLINS

nic collins: handmade electronic music

NIC COLLINS, author of handmade electronic music: the art of hardware hacking comes to miami to lead an intensive isaw circuit-bending workshop at the artcenter south florida that will end in an outdoor performance on lincoln road. his residency activities coincide with the winter music conference and isaw is scheduling an introductory forum and book signing free to conference badge holders

events: understanding sound handmade electronic music forum and book-signing (3/27/08), isaw 2-day intensive hardware hacking & circuit-bending workshop (3/28-29/08), interdisciplinary sound series: outdoor performance (3/29/08)