ST7 | Subtropics 7 Marathon

Miami-Dade Public Library
Subtropics 7
Subtropics 7 Marathon
Featuring Orchesta Subtropics de Vanguardia

Upper Midwester Apologia, Evan K. Chambers
magnetic tape

The Blazing Macaw, Charles Norman Mason
Michael Linville, piano

Joy and Other Impulses, a video by 77Hz
video tape

Many Mansions, Peter Ponzol
Peter Ponzol, saxophone

Composition, Fred P. Hsia
Fred P. Hsia, guitar

Violin and Piano, Armando Tranquilino
Armando Tranquilino, piano; Nicholas Carper, violin

El Decameron Negro, Leo Brower
Carlos Molina, guitar

Las Arpas y Las Sombras, Julio Roloff
Carlos Molina, guitar

Mambo Vinko, Javier Alvarez
David Manson, trombone

A Storm Coming Over The Quiet Pond, Armando Rodriguez
Armando Rodriguez, piano; Gustavo Matamoros, piano; Luis Gomez-Imbert, doublebass

Do You Love Me? Bobby Lombardi
Magnetic tape

Swept Away, Gustavo Matamoros
Gustavo Matamoros, piano

Abstractions, Jon C. Nelson
Luis Gomez-Imbert, doublebass; Juan Francisco Sans, piano

Soy (I am), Orlando J. Garcia
Luis Gomez-Imbert, doublebass; Juan Francisco Sans, piano

Falling: A Very Difficult Piece for String Bass, Tom Johnson
Luis Gomez-Imbert, doublebass

Pasaj, Boulou with video by Yoni St. Pier
Boulou, percussion; Doug Floyd, Percussion; Suzzelle, percussion & dance

statistics: 5 world premieres, 4 us premieres, 5 florida premieres, 11 florida composer, 7 us composers, 11 minority composers