MDCC, Centre Gallery
Subtropics 7

PUNTO: Fluxfested
Featuring Shahreyar Ataie, Steve Bolman, Amy Cappallazzo, Russell Frehling, Jef Laibson, Ricky Leath, Gustavo Matamoros, Nina Plot, David Weisbrot

Audience Piece*, Gustavo Matamoros
Hens***, Ben Vautier
Instruction for Radio***, George Brecht
Fluxaction IV Variation 1*, Russell Frehling
Zyklus***, Tomas Schmit
Cheaper Imitation, Gustavo Matamoros
Drip Music, Fluxversion 1 Nº2*, George Brecht (Arr. PUNTO)
In Memoriam to George Maciunas Nº2*, Robert Bozzi (Arr. PUNTO)
Fluxation III*, Russell Frehling
Flux Radio/TV Piece, Takehisa Kosugi
Solo for Rich Man***, George Maciunas
Piece for Winds***, Joe Jones
South Nº2 (to Nam June Paik)*, Takehisa Kasugi (Arr. PUNTO)
Fluxversion I***, George Brecht
C/T Trace*, Robert Watts (Arr. PUNTO)
Music for Two Players***, Mieko Shiomi
Fluxversion V*, George Brecht (Arr. PUNTO)
Flute Solo***, George Brecht
Orchestra***, Ken Friedman
Fluxaction V*, Russell Frehling
Incidental Music: Nº2 & Nº3*, George Brecht (Arr. PUNTO)
12 Piano Compositions for NJ Paik: Nº8 & Nº9, George Maciunas
Piece for Any Number of Vocalists***, Alison Knowles

statistics: 10 world premieres, 11 florida premieres, 2 florida composers, 9 us composers, 2 women composers, 3 minority composers