ST2 | Subtropics 2 Marathon

vicki richards
vicki richards


M-D Main Public Library
2nd annual Subtropics Marathon

A Few Frames of the Naples Pier*, Tod Havel

Cartridge Music, John Cage
Russell Frehling, cartridge 1; Gustavo Matamoros, cartridge 2; David Weisbrott, cartridge 3

Short Piano Pieces*, Chuah Cheong Leong
UM Other Music Ensemble

Trio for Piano* for flute and bassoon, Fred De Sena
UM Other Music Ensemble

Baroque Dance Suite for Subatomic Physicists*, Brett g Porter
I. Charm, II. ICIS Anthem, III. Doomsday Clock Minus 4 Minutes, V. Maxwell’s Demon
electronic tape

My Mind’s Graveyard*, Bobby Lombardi
with text by Kym Hill
FIU New Music Ensemble

Synergy, Earle Brown
FIU New Music Ensemble

Gate Thirteen***, Michael Hicks
Gary Aragon, marimba

Unlimited, Karlheinz Stockhausen
FIU New Music Ensemble

The Lonely Pintail, Charles Austin
Charles Austin and Musicians

Tranubstantus*, King Felix
King Felix, live electronics

Skater’s Dream and Untitled 1990*, Vicki Richards
Vicky Richards, violin & electronics

Synchronisms #1, Mario Davidovsky
Lisa LaCross, flute

Nerve State (work-in-progress), Ed Bobb
Ed Bobb and Musicians

statistics: 7 world premieres, 1 florida premieres, 10 florida composers, 4 us composers, 1 woman composer; 2 hispanic composers, 1 black composer, 1 asian-american