State of the Art Party III

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Lowe Art Museum
State Of The Art Party III

State of the Art Party III

State of the Art Party III

Medley, Decatur Jones
Luis Sandoval, flute; Linda Charlton, piano

O Purple Finch Please Tell Me Why, Kirk-Evan Billet
Laura Henderson, soprano; Kirk-Evan Billet, flute

Two Insects, Kirk-Evan Billet
Laura Henderson, soprano; Daisy Tarajano, mezzo-soprano

Guitarra* , Orlando J. García
Simon Salz, guitar

Sonata for Snare Drum*, Edwin McLean
Daniel Adams, snare drum

No One Laughs Anymore*, Dennis Kam
Dennis Kam, multiple horns

statistics: 3 world premieres, 5 florida composers, 2 minority

Contemporary Music & Experimental Video

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daniel adams

daniel adams

Lowe Art Museum
Contemporary Music & Experimental Video

Hexonic*, Daniel Adams
Mike Di Liddo, guitar

Sueño*, Kevin Hiatt
Linda Charlton, piano

Three Songs on Poems of Kenneth Patchen*, David Nagy
David Nagy, piano; Karen K. Nagy, soprano

Self ÷ ?2*, David Weisbrot
Dennis Kam, piano

Selections from Whitney Biennial Video Exhibition

Infrared Cicles # 2*, Don Wilson
Steven Smith, percussion; Don Wilson, electronics

Vermilion Wash # 1*, Geoff Magee & Henry Skolnick
Henry Skolnick, bassoon

Multiple Woods, Orlando J. García
Orlando J. García, Bb clarinet

statistics: 6 world premieres, 8 florida composers, 2 minority