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    Comparing Notes
    Mills College

    by Gustavo Matamoros ... theseare notesfor the lecture delivered at Mills CollegeApril 22, 2019I have adapted themfor publication hereas a resourcefor those interestedin my storiesabout becominga composer/sound artistoutside academiaI have […]

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    i credit those around me for guiding about what not to do.  everything else comes from experimentation.

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    Fishing for Resonance
    Article (2006)
    Video (2008)

    Watch a video that documents the process of fishing for resonances i learned from Russell Frehling. I use this process to find exact resonances for all my installations, and in the particular case of this video, to collect acoustical information for the design of the exhibition SOUND at the Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach ... watch video ...

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    Guinea Pig

    as a kid i discovered i was sensitive to the world through sound. through exploration and curiosity i began early on composing in ways different from how i was later taught in school. upon graduation—when reading the book critical path by r. buckminster fuller—i discovered that for years i had been the "guinea pig of my own [sound-based] experiments," since the results of such experiments have ultimately influenced the way i live