(~) Tilde (´) Tilde

Premiered October 26-27, 2019 at Koubek Center in Miami, (~) Tilde (´) Tilde was both: a portrait and a landscape composed of the urban sounds and the recorded voices of Little Havana collected over a 10 month community interaction in the context of En Residencia 2019

(~) Tilde (´) Tilde, portrait (without the soundscape), the friendly voices of Little Havana — headphones (not earbuds) are recommended to appreciate the full binaural effect of this recording

The piece was presented as two separate elements: one 4-channel outdoor sound installation featuring laughter set up in the Koubek Center’s courtyard; and another indoor element consisting of two layers of audio (voices within a soundscape) inside the Koubek Center’s darkened ArtSpace, complemented by moving images and other visual elements projected over an architectural structure by Freddy Jouwayed

(~) Tilde (´) Tilde was commissioned by Miami-Dade College Live Arts