Youtube Variations (2019)

Untitled: Social Commentary 
a.k.a. YouTube Variations | 11:23

1. Aria da Capo | Goldberg Variations
J. S. Bach (from 15 found versions)
start: 00:00 – duration: 02:41

2. Tempo di Gavotta (Allegro) | Concerto Grosso No9 in A Major, Opus 5
Arcangelo Corelli (from 20 found versions)
start: 02:41 – duration: 03:37

3. Felicissimo Sonno | Madrigals, Book 5
combined with Galiarda del Pricipe di Venosa
Carlo Gesualdo
(from 11 versions of the madrigal and
4 versions of the Galgiarda)
start: 06:18 – duration: 05:04

This work in 3 parts combines all performances of a well-known historical piece—as found posted in YouTube—into one variation, so they can all be heard simultaneously. No changes in tuning, key or tempo were applied to the YouTube found recordings—only denoising, splicing and fades.
— Gustavo Matamoros