Distant Bats (excerpt)

The sound bats make, their echolocation calls, occur naturally at frequencies beyond our hearing range.  This means we may see them fly but may not hear them cry.  This installation version of “Distant Bats” (one of many to come) is designed to broadcast these bat calls at frequencies we are able to hear.  This is achieved by transposing them several octaves down into our hearing range.  In Distant Bats, we may now hear their call but we may certainly not see the bats.

A simpler, stereo version of the 4-channel Listening Gallery sound installation is available in CD format as a limited edition run in the winter issue of Irreversible Magazine.

These sounds were recorded during a month-long AIRIE residency in the Everglades National Park.  The piece is dedicated to scientist Skip Snow how educated me about the different species of bats in the park and when and where they could be found.  It is a very unusual thing to try to record sounds that can’t be heard. The soundscape recording that captures the bats calls was made at Long Pine Key on September 12, 2013 between the hours of 6 and 9 p.m.