Red Bridge Studios
Residency Project (2012)

In the winter of 2011, an invitation to think about a sound show for the Bridge Red exhibition space turned into a residency for myself and my colleague Rene Barge to create a few sound pieces to accompany Robert Thiele’s concrete sculptures which live in the same building, next door to his first floor studio.  The process began with a series of experiments in one of the rooms organized with a 4 channel sound system.  A few months later we added a two-channel system to the next sculpture room — in which the image below was taken.  These pieces have now become permanent … at least until someone decides to buy these sculptures to create what i would call “The Thiele Chapel”.

Some time in the process the idea came up to do something about documenting the residency and we thought a catalog or a book with a cd would be nice.  I invited my friend Luis Olazabal to shot some images—like only he can.  In response to this, it was important to include some text.  I immediately thought of Robert Gregory, the imaginative poet with whom I had collaborated with in the early 90s.  It took time and effort to find him. With the help of Michael Hettich, I got a hold of Bob who became enthusiastic about the idea of writing a new piece for the project upon seeing the photographs by Luis while listening to the recordings I made of the four different installations.

The project continues.  Brook Dorsch, co-owner of Emerson-Dorsch Gallery has come on board and made a commitment to publish a limited edition artist book/object encapsulating multidimensional elements of this (by now) two-year long collaboration.  The image below should wet your appetite for witnessing the full project.

Stay tuned.

photo: Luis Olazabal (please honor our copyrights and do not download, copy or distribute. thanks!)