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Sobe Institute Call for Scores | Subtropics 22


Call to composers to submit new works for possible performance at SoBe Arts for the final concert of the 22nd Subtropics Experimental Music and Sound Arts Festival on March 15, 2013.  To that end we are holding a composition competition for new works to be premiered during a concert of all world premieres.  Composers are asked to submit works which will include the following instrumentation:  flute, clarinet, horn, keyboard, 2 violins, viola and cello.  Electronics with live instruments is also allowed, however the composer is responsible for providing and operating any electronic component.  The competition is open to international composers and has no age restrictions.  Members of the jury include Carson Kievman, composer and director of SoBe Institute of the Arts (SoBe Arts), Gustavo Matamoros, composer and director of Subtropics Festival and Robert Chumbley, composer and faculty member of SoBe Arts.  Deadline for submitting works is December 3, 2012.  First prize will include a world premiere performance by SoBe Arts resident new music ensemble, Mystery Park Arts Band, in the final concert of Subtropics on March 15, 2013 and promoted as the highlight of the concert in all marketing and PR materials (as well as potential future concert performances by the ensemble).  Additional composer prizes will also include a world premiere performance in the final concert of the Festival.  One additional composer, living in Florida, may also be selected by the jury for a world premiere performance.

Works must not exceed 20 minutes in duration.

There is no fee for entering the competition.

The competition is open to international composers and has no age restrictions.

Works must not have been performed, and are unpublished, as of the date of the concert (3/15/2013).  Preferably works are specifically written for this festival concert.

Works must be scored for any combination of flute, clarinet, horn, keyboard, 2 violins, viola, cello, guitar and/or electronics (minimum 3 players required).

Composers using electronics with live instruments are responsible for providing required equipment and operating any electronic component during the concert (unless the electronic component requires non-interactive CD or DVD playback of composer provided disk).

Scores will be judged, in part, on clear and legible music; suitability for performance on the SoBe Arts / Subtropics Festival final concert will also be considered.

Each composer may submit only one composition.

DEADLINE: December 3, 2012. Results will be announced by January 3, 2012.

Jury decisions are final and will not be open to further appeal.

Entrants are asked to email a PDF of their score (preferred) to:  Entrants whose score includes a non-interactive CD or DVD, must send an MP3 file of the electronic audio realization.  If a PDF version of the submitted composition is not available, scores may be mailed to SoBe Institute of the Arts, 2100 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33139 (if the composer wished the return of any mailed score, he/she must provide self-addressed packaging with adequate postage included).

The winning composer(s) must agree to provide parts by February 1, 2013, in order to guarantee a performance of the winning work by the Mystery Park Arts Band at the Subtropics Experimental Music and Sound Arts Festival.

Attendance at the Festival is encouraged but not required (unless live interactive electronics are required for a scheduled premiere). Questions may be addressed to Ivona Shedroff, Administrator at

The organizers of the competition reserve the right to record the work and/or to broadcast and/or distribute it, for example, via radio, television or Internet.

Participation in the competition implies the complete acceptance on the part of applicants of the rules laid down in this call for scores.

Digitalizing iSAW’s Archive

We have began the process of digitizing 20 years of Subtropics DAT recordings contained in our archive. This project is headed by our archivist, composer Julio Roloff. We are also preparing to scan paper documents and photos related to that history. Our plan is to upload what we can to this website for easy access. Stay tune for news about this project.