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residencies with artists in our studio

isaw residency | black-shift-red/absolute-zero:
toward dew of repentance

february 15-29, 2008
iSAW – resident artist (iAR-02-08)
12355 NE 13 Avenue, North Miami

lecture: progressive rock – enrique jardines (tba)
i sound studio: recording, editing, mastering, multi-media

collaborative residency: towards Dew of Repentance
BlackShiftRed (Adam Rush, Aislinn Quinn, and Enrique Jardines)
Absolute Zero (Enrique Jardines, Aislinn Quinn, Phil Miller, and Mark Fletcher)

installation view

Dew of Repentance - installation view

this collaborative interactive residency brings together the members of BlackShiftRed and Absolute Zero to develop material and performance strategies for two works-in-progress: Noicon and Dew of Repentance

Noicon begins its journey with bits of music taken from Absolute Zero’s recording sessions with Pip Pyle for the CD “Crashing Icons”, adds further music bits from current Absolute Zero musicians, and ends up, via Black Shift Red members, interactively generating compositional elements to create a DVD of video/music pieces that mirror the original core within each of the Crashing Icons pieces.

Dew of Repentance is a complex work based on community-input via cellphone and web text, as well as interactive video, music, digitized puppetry and performance. It explores the concept of a city’s aggregated regret and empowerment. The piece was partially commissioned by the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts.

The materials developed during this residency will be used by BlackShiftRed composer/multimedia performance artists Aislinn Quinn and Adam Rush in a presentation of the Dew concept and compositional approach.

this residency is made possible through grants from the department of cultural affairs of miami dade county and the division of cultural affairs of the state of florida

(12/07) jason freeman:
sound microscope & flock

residency: flock / sound microscope
JASON FREEMAN, composer, web artist

flock logo

miamian JASON FREEMAN is a composer whose music creates new connections among composers, performers, and listeners, using extended notation and new technology to experiment with the ways in which music is created, performed, and heard. his works range from traditional concert performances to mass-audience participation environments to online collaborative music tools to software art

his creative residency at isaw includes a project he calls sound microscope, a web applet accessible from isaw’s main page that will help users explore the complex inner structures of sounds. a simple visual interface (think google maps, but for sound) that will let you zoom in and out and move up and down to isolate and magnify tiny moments in time and tiny slices in frequency of a short sound file

isaw is also acting as producer of flock, jason’s made-in-miami commission for the carnival center for the performing arts

this residency is made possible through partnerships with carnival center for the performing arts and georgia institute of technology. iSAW is funded by the department of cultural affairs of miami dade county and the division of cultural affairs of the state of florida


december 1-10, 2007
iSAW – resident artist (iAR-12-07)

1. lecture: interactivity in flock
2. performances: flock
3. on-line project: sound microscope